Waste No More

Unlike many companies in the waste management industry who are simply “landfill operators” and only recycle the obvious and easy materials, we recycle as many streams of wastes as possible.

In the current climate, with the focus on sustainability and costs, our founding goal of recycling is providing additional benefits, such as enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and be fully sustainable in many areas of their work.

Across our company we have set performance targets for the recycling of wastes, which are monitored and challenged. It was our goal that by 2013 we will be able to offer the service to our customers, where 100% of your wastes are diverted from landfill through a combination of recycling and recovery. We successfully reached this target, with all waste handled by Todd Waste Management now successfully being diverted away from landfill, either through recycling or energy from waste. We are proud to say that our customers are able to claim that their waste is zero to landfill.

A unique feature of Todd’s Recycling services is that in addition to supplying collected recyclate to the traditional reprocessors, such as newspapers to the newsprint mills, we also have our own reprocessing capacity, to turn the collected goods into a finished product.

Todd Waste Management are experts in the field of recycling, we are here to make recycling as easy as possible for you, your business and your colleagues. Recycling materials are graded, with all grades available to view and download on our ‘Downloads‘ page.

The links below offer more information about the individual recycling services offered at Todd Waste Management.

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Food Waste  rubble and topsoil garden and landscape

agricultural recycling cattle bedding

Business Recycling

Household Recycling

If you require more information about FD Todd & Sons recycling services, tailored towards your needs, please contact us for more information, where a member of the Todd’s Team will be available to help.