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Plastic Recycling

When asked we often surmise that the plastic recycling done at the moment is at the same position as paper recycling was 20 years ago.

Todd waste management specialise in the plastic recovery, plastic washing, construction plastic, agricultural plastic, farm plastic, plastic recycling. This is not limited to clean plastic, but is more tailored to dirty plastic. We like dirty plastic and plastic recycling yorkshire, where all plastic washing is done through our toddplas activity. There are a huge range of plastic from HDPE plastic recycling, LDPE plastic recycling, PP plastic recycling.

Thorough our toddplas activities, we also wash and recover dirty food grade plastic recycling and food trays. Whether this is from ready made meals. All the plastic recycling that we do is made on the commitment that it all goes back into a compound and is 100% recycled.

If you have plastic, we will find a value and offer a one stop shop for plastic recycling.