Waste No More

Todd Waste Management believes in zero waste, offering a Waste No More integrated waste management service. Through our collection, sorting and recycling operations, we can minimise waste, maximise recycling and, for majority of wastes, offer a guarantee of 0% to landfill.

Commercial Waste

Waste Management

We offer a variety of 0% to landfill services to suit you and your business.



Working with clients to recycle increasing volumes of their waste production, reducing waste generated.

Skips & Site Services

Skips & Site Services

We believe that we have the right offering for any of your construction wastes.

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Organic Recycling

We have our own reprocessing capacity, to turn the collected goods into a finished product.

Latest News

Simon Hall, Todd Waste Management, University Certificate in Waste Management
Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 16:00
Simon Graduates in Waste Management

Congratulations to our Sales Manager, Simon , who recently graduated with a University Certificate in Waste Management.

What was the course?

The Course was a University Certificate in Waste Management.


War on Waste - Food Waste
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 15:57
War on Waste - Food Waste

Following on from the recent television programs, Hugh's War on Waste, which I (Ellie) for one thought the amount of food waste supermarkets are throwing out is ridiculous, has made me look into the issue...